Aguila 602 Firmground Soccer Shoes


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Football boot with classic upper manufactured using materials suitable for any challenge. Made of high-quality FIBERTEC with a nylon traction-resistant inner.

The boot's upper has been moulded using a single, seamless, piece, assisting its adjustment to the foot and preventing weight increase. An M shaped buttress at the heel provides protection against chafing and greater comfort thanks to its more ergonomic shape.

Insole made with smooth EVA, providing extra cushioning on foot strike. Insole manufactured using Texon and PVC material up to mid foot keeping the structure of the studs firmly in place.

PM sole - Multi-stud 09 mate Sole comprised of 14 fine studs, placed according to foot strike biomechanics joined by a reinforced structure. The last is rounded forming part of the 360-degree system, ensuring that the inner cavity of the boot matches the anatomy of the foot.