Aguila 901 Turf Shoes Black


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Classic boots made using state-of-the-art materials. Classic football with the technology of tomorrow.
Exterior made of high-quality FIBERTEC. Tear-resistant nylon interior. With 360º technology that improves the bond between the sole and the exterior, facilitating the natural distribution of weight in the tread.
Inner sole made of texon and PVC up to the central area to stabilise the studs.
Smooth EVA insole that adds cushioning and helps to absorb the impact of the tread.
Sole made of high-quality PU.

AG Multi 24 sole. 2D double density technology is incorporated into the sole. With 24 studs that have been specifically placed according to biomechanical studies and joined together by structural nerves, to provide stability and grip on any terrain. This strategic placement allows for rotary movement and prevents injuries.