Aguila Gol 601 Firmground Soccer Shoes


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Classic football boot with classic upper, made of next generation materials. Made of lightweight and breathable microfibre. It doesn't soak up water and thus retains its original lightness.

The boot's upper has been moulded using a single piece assisting its adjustment to the foot and preventing weight increase. Bagged-edge system used for inner liner. Its components are joined using flatlock seams producing an aesthetically enhanced appearance helping adjust the boot to the foot, thus reducing chafing injuries and making it lighter. Waterproof. The heel section is designed in an M shape, used specifically for this type of footwear, giving it toughness, grip and preventing chafing. The insole has been made using EVA technology enhancing the boot’s cushioning by absorbing foot strike impact, regaining its shape more easily when moving. The PVC insole creates a structure keeping the studs on the sole firmly in place.

PA sole - Multi-stud 23 This sole uses 2D technology, developed after carrying out different tests on artificial grass, consisting of using PU in two different densities for the studs, thus obtaining greater stability, cushioning and grip, perfect for both wet and dry surfaces.