Reusch Attrakt Freegel Infinity Finger Support Goalkeeper Gloves


Reusch Grip Infinity latex offers very good grip and most of all an exceptionally high level of abrasion resistance thanks to its high-density structure. The DuraGuard patch, at the base of the palm, increases the lifetime of the latex even more.


Non-removable Finger Support protection spines guarantee reliable stability on all five fingers. This is a highly flexible finger protection system.


Breathable neoprene glove body with Freegel punch zone on the knuckles and fingers. The Freegel material is segmented in a way to allow maximum flexibility when making a fist to punch the ball.


Evolution Negative Cut - Negative cut finger body with roll finger tips. This cut compliments the lightweight nature of the Freeflex material and allows for the second skin like feel.


Full length wrist strap with velcro fasteners. The entry system makes it a breeze to slide the glove on and off the hand.


This is a game or practice option for goalkeepers playing and training on turf soccer fields.


The infinity latex performs best in dry conditions with the palm kept slightly damp with water.