Bownet 4' X 8' SOCCER GOAL


Get a portable 3V3 soccer goal from Bownet® when you need a reliable goal to start a shorthanded game. A 4' x 8' soccer goal is the official goal size for 3V3 soccer tournaments. It's also within the approved FIFA size range for children ages 4 and 5. Many high school and college players use 4x8 goals for accuracy training and backyard drills. This versatility, along with industry-leading design, makes Bownet Go to Goal™ soccer goals the training solution of choice for players around the world.

Everything is included with this 3-on-3 soccer goal to Play Anywhere, Play Now. We use the Energy Absorption™ system on all goals and nets to spread out the impact energy. This increases the goal's longevity and helps it stay balanced after a hard strike. We also include a set of Quick Clips for attaching the nylon netting to the composite BOW™ poles. Setup takes a mere 80 seconds for one person (see video below) so you can spend more time training. Use the weather-resistant carry bag to bring your official 3V3 goal to any outdoor or indoor location.



• Set Up Time - 80 seconds
• Weight - 15 pounds
• Carry Bag Size - 36" x 8" x 3"
• Shipping Box Weight - 19 pounds
• Shipping Box Size - 51" x 9" x 7"