SELECT Brilliant Super Soccer Ball Official CCCAA Match Ball

California Community College Athletic Association

The official match ball of the California Community College Athletic Association

A new superior soccer ball made of carefully selected high quality materials with the characteristics of a classic SELECT ball.
  • The new 3D diamond structure of the surface material ensures an even more stable trajectory, optimized friction between ball and boot and the best grip for goalkeepers

  • The bright white panels are made of a special material to ensure clear visibility of the ball to players and spectators

  • The 32 panels are handstitched and laminated with a 2 mm. exclusive foam material

  • Seam sealing technology for extra durable seams and reduced water uptake

  • Zero-Wing latex bladder ensures a lively bounce

  • The outer material and the underlying foam give the ball a light touch and a comfortable softness

  • Size: 5