CR7 Mercurial Lite Soccer Shin Guards - Laser Orange/Volt


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Once you get to a certain age, some players decide to either stop wearing shin guards or try to find the smallest pair they can find if they are forced to don a pair. Citing "they're uncomfortable" or "they make me look like a little kid," these players decide not to forgo safety for appearance and aesthetic. These are also the same players that end up injured or with those really bad bruises and cuts up and down their shins at the end of the season.

Branded with soccer-legend Cristiano Ronaldo's name and featuring the colors of Nike's Solar Flare soccer cleat pack, the Nike Mercurial Lite Soccer Shin Guards deliver a bit of style to go along with the protection they offer. These low-profile and lightweight shin guards provide protection that is needed throughout the game. The Mercurial Lite's performance is heightened by the comfort. The Dri-FIT fabric on both the shinguard and on the sleeves provide breathable materials to keep your legs comfortable.