The Dr. Cool Ice & Compression recovery wrap is the cooler way to recover faster on the move.

Say goodbye to traditional ice packs with this all in one cold therapy and compression wrap.

The cold compression does wonders in speeding up recovery time and reducing swelling during or after an intense fitness session. It can also be used as a dry compression wrap to support your hard-working muscles and joints for any activity.

The Dr. Cool recovery wrap comes in three sizes to meet your needs. The small wrap is ideal for applying to your wrist, ankle and foot.

Whatever way you love to keep active (run, gym, cycle - you name it!) this is a practical and portable option to protect and provide relief to your body on the go.

- Small size is perfect for wrist, ankle and foot
- Chemical-free cooling material
- Flexible and versatile
- No fuss, no mess - the wicking fabric prevents water dripping on the floor once the excess has run off when preparing your wrap for cold compression
- Remains pliable for wrapping body part after being placed in freezer

Preparing your wrap is easy:
- Unroll the wrap and expose the light blue surface
- Wet with water and allow the excess to run off
- Fold or roll up wrap and place in freezer
- The slight frost layer indicates it’s ready to use

Approximate freeze times:
Folded - 20 minutes
Rolled - 45 minutes

Tip: Store your wrap in a plastic freezer bag if keeping in freezer for prolonged periods of time