Kaizen Professional Goalkeeper Glove


BACKHAND: Nova-Tex, a textile used as the base for the construction of the glove, with mechanical elastic properties generated by the blend of fibers resulting in a balance between durability, comfort, and lightness in the body of the glove.

CUT: Hybrid, Ergonomic a combination Negative and Rollfinger cut. Ergonomic cut on middle and ring fingers to give you greater security on the middle fingers. The latex of the palm wraps the thumb while the Rollfinger cut with negative closure on the index and pinky finger gives you greater fit and control in the crucial areas as a result better control and grip area.

PALM: Super Nova Grip, the latest generation German Latex that provides an out-of-this-world grip, added with Grip-Sparks that enhance and noticeably increase adherence from the first use, which guarantees maximum performance. With 3.5mm latex + 3mm PU. Latex inserts between the fingers for a greater grip area. (Black/Green colorway)

Latest generation German AXG® latex developed in Germany especially for Rinat that guarantees extreme grip even in rainy conditions. It has an unbeatable performance, a perfect balance between grip top and resistance, the best of high-end latex for wet use. (Oxford / Yellow)

CLOSURE: High-Frequency crisscross neoprene wristband with ex points for greater freedom of movement. External spandex area that facilitates the entry of the hand. New headband with double attachment point for a better and better fit.

Recommended Use:

        • All-Weather
        • Rain & Humid Conditions
        • Matches
        • High-Intensity Training
        • Natural grass