Charly Leon Special Edition Third Jersey for Men 22/23


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When two concepts fuse together... amazing things can happen. We know Mexico is color, happiness, dreams, and fantasy. That is why we have partnered with two extremely talented artists: Jacobo & María Ángeles, master artisans whose lives are dedicated to creating marvelous pieces of carved art that bring all those concepts together, and accurately represent the vastness and beauty of the country. Fantastic shapes, mythic forms, and spiritual beings take us to a dream world, and our love and passion for soccer have been fused in textures and elements that show the identity of each one of our teams. Strong personality and character printed as a tattoo. Made with textures and colors that represent the full history of the team. We present to you the new Leon Special Edition Third Jersey for Men 22/23. A fascinating jersey that showcases the fantasy, culture, and passion on the field. As a representative design that cannot be missed, the iconic lion, which is the essence and identity of La Fiera; is designed with lines and silhouettes that shape the mane and head to make it truly imposing. A jersey so full of colors, strokes, and silhouettes that give a dynamic, modern, yet magical and timeless look. It features a regular cut with a ribbed collar with an insert and classic cut sleeves, as well as an asymmetrical slit hem on the sides that gives you greater freedom of movement. It incorporates a series of unique details in its design such as its embossing, which is a representative element of La Fiera in sunken relief and 3D emblem. Its special mesh fabric on the back and sides and its DRY FACTOR quick-drying TECHNOLOGY will keep you dry for longer, ensuring extra freshness before, during, and after each activity or workout thanks to its specialized moisture transfer fabrics. Its NANO GUARD technology provides you with a high level of comfort because it eliminates the bacteria that cause bad odors, allowing your skin to breathe. Its UV BLOCK technology helps protect you from ultraviolet rays, giving you all the care your skin requires. In addition, thanks to its FANCODE you will be able to enjoy unique and exclusive content from your team!