Maestro Grip Soccer Sock Black


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The Maestro anti-slip socks are designed with the everyday athlete in mind. Our socks are made to amplify performance while in use. upgrade your game with a grip socks that keeps you grounded while in the game. 

The socks are made with textured grips at the bottom of each socks. This grip materials are made to prevent slipping of the socks while work inside the shoe. preventing slip  between the foot and the shoe.

The socks material is 75% premium combed cotton + 15% nylon + 10% polyester, soft and sweat-resistant with breathable materials allowing for ample flow of air while worn. This breathable mesh design keeps you dry and clean. To prevent shifting and falling off.
Non-Skid thicker yet lighter socks. The heel and toe parts of the socks are thickened so socks and shoes are more closely fitted, thus giving added comfort and durability to the athlete.

Maestro grips socks are easy to care for, easily washable.
• Enhance performance by preventing slipping.
• Soccer, basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Running (Be the Master of Your Domain)
• Perfect antislip training socks, for Soccer, basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Running.
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