A clear vision of your competition delivered in a 20-panel construction with geometric striking zones. The Wilson NCAA Vivido Soccer ball is built for NCAA competition as the official soccer ball of the Men's and Women's NCAA College Cup Championships. Using Visual spin technology and a cover constructed for precise control this durable soccer ball is ready for elite competition. See the Vivido and track its movement from across the field with a clear vision.

  • Superior Spin Detection: VST (Visual Spin Technology) uses color variance to allow easier spin detection and ball tracking
  • Touch & Control: Advanced Micro-Textured surface combined with a performance hybrid cover material better controls ball flight with aerodynamic stability and improved control
  • Striking Zones: Wilson’s Unique 20-panel design optimizes geometric striking zones for controlled, precise strikes
  • Extended Durability: Fused Technology minimizes moisture intake to prolong the life and performance of the ball
  • Power & Performance: Advanced construction and a high performance foam lining generate higher energy return upon impact