Puma Orbita La Liga 1 Soccer Ball


Hit the pitch just like the superstars in LaLiga with this replica of our Orbita LaLiga 1, the official match ball of the Spanish league. This FIFA-certified football has a 32-panel concept for straight and consistent flight, and its 0.4mm PU-textured outer allows for great aerodynamics.


  • THB Molded ball: Excellent shape retention , durability and reduced water absorption
  • 32 panel configuration: perfectly balanced panel configuration for a straight and consistent flight
  • 0.4 mm textured PU outer: Improved aerodynamics
  • 3.00 mm TPE foam layer: Improved rebound and increased power
  • Rubber bladder + PAL (Puma Air Lock) valve: Excellent air retention and rebound
  • Fifa Quality: Guarantees an excellent level of performance