Sicario SpeedGrip Goalkeeper Glove


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You have never experienced anything like this.

Sicario is the first glove to combine minimalist principles without compromising cushion (3MM) and latex quality (3.5MM top-tier German latex). The design is lighter, fits like a second skin and is the only glove with our own SpeedGrip® lining to glue your fingers to the ball, and a stretchy diamond-shaped neoprene backhand to flex your fingers at will.

Features a revolutionary Concave Cut™ which maximizes the curvature of the palm for controlling the ball and stretches to the size of your hand.


  • Signature Punch Zone
    Polybutadiene hex-shaped punch zones to generate powerful rebound and grip
  • SpeedGrip®
    Inner palm lining keeps hands locked to the glove at all times
  • Abrasion Resistant
    Moulded patch reinforces the palm to extend the lifespan of the glove