Men's World Cup Soft Ground Soccer Shoes

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The most popular soft-ground boot in the history of the world. While innovations come and go, millions of players world-wide insist on wearing only this soft-ground incarnation of the classic “Copa.”


Not a stitch of World Cup has been altered for more than 20 years. The design of this boot gets everything right. Softness, comfort, stability, touch.


Rich, supple, supersoft kangaroo leather upper gives durability with low weight and a glove-like feel. K leather tongue with gently padded synthetic underlining. Synthetic lining through the midfoot and forefoot, with the leather wrapping into the ankle to minimize slip. Expansive internal heel counter comes high on the heel and far forward toward the midfoot. No-frills EVA insole over a synthetic fiberboard last cushions the sole. Direct-injected TPU soleplate with screw-in aluminum-tipped studs in the most traditional replaceable configuration is cemented to the midsole.


“Glove-like” is a term perhaps overused—World Cups feel more like bedroom slippers with studs. They famously stretch as they break in to accommodate the feet of their wearer, so buy them snug. Such soft leather responds well to being cared for—leather treatments better maintain original softness, caked-on dirt will foreshorten its life span, and after you’ve played in the wet stuff these boots with newspaper or another absorbent material to dry them from the inside out.


Made in Germany.